Celebrating in advance

One night last week my family and I celebrated. We celebrated the possibilities. Possibilities of a new experience, a new ‘item’ in my husband’s ‘vibrational escrow’ (his manifestation bank account for the future).

He gets job offers quite frequently but lately they have hit closer to what he really wants for his life. The offer was, to start, $26/hr, full benefits and a living allowance for when he’s not close to home. That was the problem. The job would take him away from home (far away) for 8 days at a time. For now that is not right for him but the offers are getting closer and closer to what IS right for him and so we celebrated.

The Law of Attraction wants us to feel like we already have what we want. Wants us to feel the joy of already attaining it and not doubt that it’s coming. So we celebrated with lobster, with fresh halibut, a lovely salad, with a great desert and sparkling grape juice. Just like it already happened. Because it has….iIt’s there waiting. :-)

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