October 31st

My family celebrates Samhain on October 31st with a feast and gratitude, very much like Thanksgiving. We also light candles in honour of loved-ones passed.
Our daughter doesn’t really ‘get’ Halloween and doesn’t eat candy but for most there’s trick or treating... and that’s what I did growing up as well. I have magical memories of being in Cold Lake, Alberta, putting a costume on over top of my snow suit with a few feet of snow by now. Receiving free candy and being able to eat as much of it as I wanted... pure joy!

But, the joy doesn’t just stop with the children. Parents get to see the joy of their children’s faces and feel the magic in the air, just as it was years ago for them. People past the point of small children or just child-free adults get to join in the festivities as well. Decorations, handing out candy, going to or throwing parties... the magic of childhood lives on.


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