Paying for your time

If you can’t seem to make time for yourself maybe you should consider paying for it occasionally. It doesn’t have to mean hours and hours away or hundreds of dollars either. Normally, I will take ½ hour at a very inexpensive salon about once a month or so for a pedicure. This pedicure normally doesn’t come with much of a foot massage but at least it’s time to just BE and in the end my toes look great. Not to mention it’s fast and I don’t need an appointment. Just fits my schedule.

Today, however, I’ve been saving a while and happen to have a 3 hour window to relax child-free. This time will be for the manicure and pedicure that I am getting at a special price, an express facial and the time it will take to drive there and back (had to be very close to home). So, a lot of things packed into that time but so worth it. Worth it for my sanity and to be the very best me.


  1. this so my vision for my new shop. Not sure yet how to get there! I want women to have a quick relaxed break to just BE and not feel guilty when they leave becuase of paying too much. I just need to figure out how to advertise just that! Where did you go for your spa treatments?

  2. THAT time I went to Inner Peace spa only a few minutes from my home. Price was very important but just as important was location. I only had a very small window of child-freeness. :-)

    Personally, I find the internet the best for advertising.


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