Power in doing nothing

Sickness. Where does it come from? Luck of the draw? I doubt it. I know someone who told me that she gets pneumonia every year. Every year!! To me that is a sign. A big sign that something needs to change. Eat better and do less. Sounds so simple doesn’t it? It should be but it’s not.

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “we human be-ings not human do-ings”. Why do we keep doing, doing, doing? We feel pressured to not be seen as lazy or maybe we’re competitive and want to do more than the next guy... whatever the reason it’ll get you nowhere.

Do, do, do... just get ahead and then, wham! You get sick. I am not immune either. Relaxation is my passion but I still do too much for whatever reason. And, yes, I’m sick right now. It’s rare for me but I was just thinking the other day, ‘when is it MY turn for a break’ and then sickness hit. Almost a blessing I guess – only if I had a little more balance I could actually enjoy my nap this afternoon. There IS power in doing nothing, in relaxing and doing what gives you joy. Don’t let anyone (even yourself) tell you that you’re lazy when it’s balance you seek. That’s not lazy, it’s wise.


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