Fat Ass

Sunday I ran in a race. This was my 5th race of my 2 year running career and the kilometres go, in order, like this... 5k, 21k, 7.5k, 10k, 7.5k. This being the 2nd time I’ve done the 7.5k ‘Fat Ass Batawa Trail Run’ - I loved even more!

Here’s the link for the 1st time I did it HERE  and another link for the race HERE.
Last year, a month after running a ½ marathon, I was just under an hour. This year, with almost no outdoor running, my time was 1 hour, 2 minutes and 47 seconds. Not too shabby but if I had known how close the times were I might not have taken 2 snack breaks where I actually stood around looking at scenery and then to take the picture shown here of the finish line at the top of the ski hill.

This race is a lot of fun with coke and m&m’s offered mid-race and cookies and chilli at the end. The people are a lot of fun and the trails are actually chosen for the mud and danger being a priority! I did yoga twice after the race and had no sore muscles the next day. YAY! Good times, next year a must.

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  1. LOL Me too... and they have t-shirts every year that say "yes, my ass IS fat enough". Pretty ironic since I weigh 100lbs ;-)


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