Yay, a flood!

When my hubby came home early from work I was pretty excited. 5 minutes later when I found out that the downstairs of our home was filled with 3 inches of water I was more grateful than excited!

This meant not only my husband’s workshop and our storage space but also my yoga studio and shop. A whole lot of water but I looked at it a little differently than most, I think. Winter 1999 there was a big fire in the apartment building I was living in, I lost almost all my possessions and I didn’t have renters insurance. Fortunately, I got all my pets out of the building. I was also homeless for 3 days afterwards and had no choice but to stay at a local strip club, the first night, where the strippers had rooms above the bar (yikes, I know!) and then the next 2 days with some relatives. I had no clothes except the pj’s I was wearing and ducky boots. I came to realize that even a bed is a luxury that I would never again take for granted.

So, when this flood happened (being the 2nd since we’ve lived in this home) it wasn't really a big deal and I thought, “wow, I could do some cleaning up, organizing and decluttering... AND I could have a SALE!” What a great opportunity.

That was last Wednesday and it looks great now! The workshop needed a good cleaning and my studio needing some decluttering. The sale went over well, offering a sale on everything in the studio including things that hadn’t been affected by water.

Maybe next year I’ll have a ‘no-flood’ sale!


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