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Willow’s Birth Story..and more than three years later.

Willow’s Birth Story My labour was supposed to be 3-5 hours long, "joyful, flowing, & relaxing” according to what I visualized. I read that now and laugh! It was none of those things. Yoga has made the biggest impact on not just my pregnancy but my life in general. I can’t imagine how anyone gets through their day, pregnant or not, without it. My baby is very calm because I am. My labour was much calmer than most as well, I believe. I was told that not every woman can have complete, calm conversations at 7 centimetres dilated. HypnoBirthing also had a huge impact on my pregnancy, labour and birth. It gave me more confidence in my beliefs and helped me to have a much more positive pregnancy in a world that is full of people trying to tell us to trust in the system and not our body. It helped to give me the confidence to fight for what I wanted in my child’s birth experience and to believe that I could do it no matter what everyone else around me was saying. My tw

New additions to the family!

The day before Family Day, My family and I took a trip to a local pet store called “Teri’s Pets”. I used to work in a pet store, for Teri, actually. I always loved the birds... the peace of their song, the beauty in their feathers and lovely motions. I can’t believe I never owned one! My husband really liked the Conure but at $800 that wasn’t going to happen. Not to mention they are noisy! So, we compromised – on Zebra Finches! We got two, male and female and called them Fred and Fiona. Always a joy :-)

Resolutions anyone?

2011... it’s here. A whole new year. I think most people do the ‘New Year’s Resolution’ thing but I don’t wait for a whole new year to change something or start anew. Each day is brand new, too. Each new minute, each new breath, for that matter, is an opportunity to start over. In this new minute what do you want to manifest for yourself? For today, for tomorrow, for ‘sometime’ in the future...? It’s a lot of fun to think about what you could bring to your experience in the near and far future! Here’s my list right now... ~An SUV for happy/roomy car rides that we can also bring our dogs ~To teach yoga 4+ times a week ~To do Reiki at least once a month Hmmm... since I’m always working on my list it seems to be pretty short. How about yours??  Please share! Be Blessed, Kim