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Resolutions anyone?

2011... it’s here. A whole new year. I think most people do the ‘New Year’s Resolution’ thing but I don’t wait for a whole new year to change something or start anew. Each day is brand new, too. Each new minute, each new breath, for that matter, is an opportunity to start over. In this new minute what do you want to manifest for yourself? For today, for tomorrow, for ‘sometime’ in the future...? It’s a lot of fun to think about what you could bring to your experience in the near and far future! Here’s my list right now... ~An SUV for happy/roomy car rides that we can also bring our dogs ~To teach yoga 4+ times a week ~To do Reiki at least once a month Hmmm... since I’m always working on my list it seems to be pretty short. How about yours??  Please share! Be Blessed, Kim