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Willow’s Birth Story..and more than three years later.

Willow’s Birth Story My labour was supposed to be 3-5 hours long, "joyful, flowing, & relaxing” according to what I visualized. I read that now and laugh! It was none of those things. Yoga has made the biggest impact on not just my pregnancy but my life in general. I can’t imagine how anyone gets through their day, pregnant or not, without it. My baby is very calm because I am. My labour was much calmer than most as well, I believe. I was told that not every woman can have complete, calm conversations at 7 centimetres dilated. HypnoBirthing also had a huge impact on my pregnancy, labour and birth. It gave me more confidence in my beliefs and helped me to have a much more positive pregnancy in a world that is full of people trying to tell us to trust in the system and not our body. It helped to give me the confidence to fight for what I wanted in my child’s birth experience and to believe that I could do it no matter what everyone else around me was saying. My tw