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Sressed lately?? It could be a lack of exercise!

I've noticed something lately, a pattern. Whenever my daughter is off school I get anxious. Panicky. Maybe even depressed. It's too easy to blame her not cooperating BUT she's a really good kid. For a 4 year old, that is. I have waaaay less patience when she's not in school.  Here's where the pattern comes in. Working out. I don't get my cardio in when she's off school.   No sitter and my values are getting in the way of my workouts. When you google the benefits of cardiovascular activity you will find, among other things, it helps with stress and anxiety.  I'm wondering what came first though... the anxiety or the lack of cardio...? Yes, yoga and meditation helps but I believe n balancing cardio in there as well. AND there are so many other benefits, such as, weight loss, more energy, and better sleep.    After having this 'aha moment', I realize this has been happening my whole life!  Not sure how I could have missed this but

New Year Resolutions - 2012

Whatever you choose to call them.. goals, resolutions.. most of us have something to strive towards to make the year the best it can be for prosperity and growth. I'm noticing that each year is better than the next, with my desires usually coming true. Last year's blog post is prime example of this:!/2011/01/resolutions-anyone.html   Whatever you choose to call it,  focusing on the things that mean most to you will ensure the new year is a great one.  Coming up with a great plan will make a higher success rate for things such as weight loss I'm choosing this year to focus, even more, on h ealth and fitness - by connecting with some inspirational people and replacing some poor choices with better ones.  (I'll elaborate more in a later post)  What is your focus going to be?