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My BIG Challenge

My big challenge for today is to NOT TALK !! As much as is humanly possible with a 5 year old, that is.  (Approximately 9 am)   I have been silent for over 2 hours this morning and am reminded of how it feels like melting chocolate in my mouth (blissful) but my daughter has been up for about 10 minutes and I STILL haven't spoken so I'm inspired!! I asked myself the question "is it even possible to be mindful and peaceful when you have children?" BUT, seeing as mindfulness is true happiness for me that question seemed... daunting.  So, here goes. Watch for my update later on. :-)     My 'Chatty-Cathy' Updates (Approximately 10:30 am)  My daughter is also 'attempting' the non-talking day. She said to me, "this is fun momma, talking without opening our mouths." :-) (Approximately 10:45 am)  Daughter tries to run through the bathroom, as I'm using it, with a parade of dogs following, and I slipped. "Clo

A Great Passion

As she sits in the swing (she put herself in the baby swing) across from me, too far to talk, I am reunited with a great passion. Silence.   I've loved alone time and silence my whole life, growing up as an only child and I know for sure exactly when I started to appreciate this alone time and silence like never before... it was after my daughter learned to talk, more specifically, when she stopped nursing at nearly 3 years old.  It makes perfect sense that a person who loves silence and peace so much would become a yoga and meditation teacher, unfortunate that I didn't find it sooner, but I plan to take full advantage of my passion when my daughter starts school full time in the Fall.  With that said, we've been joined at the hip for a solid month now so I have the occasional panic attack of 'what will I do all alone??' And then I get a reminder.... Ah yes, I will once again be reunited with my old friends. Silence and peace. 💚            


Hi there!  I've been posting for few days about BIG news to come.  Check it out in my latest YouTube video here:  Thanks so much for watching and for all of your support. :-) ~Kim WEBSITE: EMAIL: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: YOUTUBE:

Trying to 'get it together' for filming on a hot day (Jul 17, 2013)

Very soon, I'll be filming my big announcement.  Here's what we've been up to so far... :-)  Thanks for watching! To view what we're up to today check us out on YouTube here: Thanks! ~Kim & Willow WEBSITE: EMAIL: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: YOUTUBE:

Welcome to my YouTube channel!!

Hi there! Long time no blog (haha).  Actually, the last time I blogged was January 4th, 2012, YOWZERS!! There's a very good reason for that.  Work, child, dogs, cats, and crazy house in general.  When I was blogging on a regular basis I had a housekeeper coming in.  THAT was my time to work and blog.  When she was gone (health problem) so was my blogging (alone) time.  I hope to do better now and am trying my hand at VLOGGING. So, here is an intro to my YouTube channel and more to come.  Thanks for reading, watching and following! ~Patchoulimoon-Kim Watch my 'YouTube Channel Trailer (June 29, 2013)' here: WEBSITE: EMAIL: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: YOUTUBE: