A Great Passion

As she sits in the swing (she put herself in the baby swing) across from me, too far to talk, I am reunited with a great passion. Silence. 

 I've loved alone time and silence my whole life, growing up as an only child and I know for sure exactly when I started to appreciate this alone time and silence like never before... it was after my daughter learned to talk, more specifically, when she stopped nursing at nearly 3 years old. 

It makes perfect sense that a person who loves silence and peace so much would become a yoga and meditation teacher, unfortunate that I didn't find it sooner, but I plan to take full advantage of my passion when my daughter starts school full time in the Fall.  With that said, we've been joined at the hip for a solid month now so I have the occasional panic attack of 'what will I do all alone??' And then I get a reminder.... Ah yes, I will once again be reunited with my old friends. Silence and peace. 💚

                         Some 'peace-makers'


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