My BIG Challenge

My big challenge for today is to NOT TALK!! As much as is humanly possible with a 5 year old, that is. 

(Approximately 9 am) 

I have been silent for over 2 hours this morning and am reminded of how it feels like melting chocolate in my mouth (blissful) but my daughter has been up for about 10 minutes and I STILL haven't spoken so I'm inspired!!

I asked myself the question "is it even possible to be mindful and peaceful when you have children?" BUT, seeing as mindfulness is true happiness for me that question seemed... daunting. 

So, here goes. Watch for my update later on. :-)

   My 'Chatty-Cathy'


(Approximately 10:30 am) 

My daughter is also 'attempting' the non-talking day. She said to me, "this is fun momma, talking without opening our mouths." :-)

(Approximately 10:45 am) 

Daughter tries to run through the bathroom, as I'm using it, with a parade of dogs following, and I slipped. "Close the door!", I said. :-/

(Approximately 12:00 pm)

And I'm done.  My daughter kept asking a question to there was no motion or 'grunt' which could answer her.  Talking now feels like nails on a chalkboard so I think I'll  do it again.  The experiment is done for the day.  Until we meet again....maybe tomorrow. ;-)


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