A Turnaround in a Day of Challenges

It's just a guess... but I think that those who have a perfect life don't have much to inspire others with. 

I get that theory from the thought that those who have to learn how to overcome challenges might inspire others with this new found way. "If her life is so messed up and SHE can find relief in it, so can I" sort of thing. Or even, "she tried exercise (or whatever) to find relief, I should try that!" 

Today, I didn't have too much on my list of accomplishments. But, what WAS on there ended up being impossible to complete, no matter which way I turned it around and around to try to fit it in place. Letting go is a difficult task, for sure. But, I did it. 

My life goal is always fun, bliss, love and inspiration and I was being guided to a few of those things but was fighting it all the way with my 'daily tasks list' I was trying to shove in front of my 'daily life goals list'. 

Here's how my morning went: First, I did not get my 'alone time'. Time to centre and steer my day to positivity. This is a MUST for me. The Internet was VERY slow, iTunes not being user-friendly, purchases not working, saying samples were sent (but where??), child... well, being a child, dogs being very noisy since they didn't get enough attention the  previous day and THEN I went to rent a storage space during the only ONE day they are open (Wed 9-1) and there is nobody there. Beyond frustrating!! 

Here's where my day turns around... Last on my list was to get some food items so I stopped at the local grocery store. Apparently, this was where I was being drawn to. There was a little clearance sale of random books. I found two that seemed very uplifting. One was by an author that I already had at home. 

$16 for $4, packed full of advice. Perfection. Bliss. Even MORE blissful, I decide to start reading it while riding my stationary bike. An hour later and I am inspired and feel healthier, too. Then, later on in the day, when my five year old has the biggest meltdown ever, I am able to cope with it extremely well and 30-ish minutes later we are both (quite happily) taking some quiet alone time in our separate rooms. Nice eh?? 

Here's a few inspirational phrases that turned my day around:

"I have the right to say "No" without feeling guilty. I have the courage to say "No" without feeling guilty. I pay attention to what I know is right for me."

"I credit my "life account" by setting realistic limits. I have the courage to decide what I will give and what I will not give. My life is blessed by balance and harmony."

And the biggest one, for me, of all:

"I am aware of my limits and I honor them. I give myself permission to keep my life simple. I create the time to do things which nourish me." 


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