Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Hard at work!

I've been hard at work these past 3 days... at creating a BRAND NEW WEBSITE!  It's sleeker, more user-friendly, and more interactive. I'll be ready to launch soon so stay tuned. :-D

Here's a sneak peak....

Saturday, September 21, 2013


People often ask me if I do evening yoga and when I was doing Sunday night classes they would ask about weekday evenings. I found Sundays difficult so I stopped and now my answer is... evenings and weekends are not an option. 

My family is everything to me and with my husband's busy schedule, it's up to me to be the primary care-giver of our child, our pets and our home. Family is first and I wouldn't trade it for the world!! 

Friday, September 20, 2013

If You Only Ask... It Is Given.

With life, in general, there is going to be up-front, mind-blowing beauty...

AND there is going to be nerve-wracking, self-doubt situations that turn into blessings. 

Either way, if you are looking for them, they will be found and the blessings will FAR out weigh the tragedies. 

May, 2011 I opened a holistic health centre and loved the social aspect with so many lovely people. But, it was a LOT if work, there was no profit in it and many other areas of my life suffered. I didn't even realize how much of my life was taking a back seat until I decided that the work level and lack of profit was at too much of an unbalance to continue. 

It's quite the shock to the system to have something that ran a majority of your life to just come to a screeching hault. There were lots of unanswered questions (because those come with time and no urgency) and maybe a couple panic attacks. 

Beauty is everywhere. When one door closes, another opens. If you only ask.. It is given. 

To Grow is to Evolve

From that life-changing movie, The Secret: "You can start with nothing .. and out of nothing or no way - a WAY will be provided."

I was reminded of this quote as my questions from a few months ago are being shown to me. Those questions... "what will I do with no holistic health centre to run?" "What will I do with no yoga to teach in the Winter?" 

My answers... Keep doing what I love and SHARE that. Keep learning about the law of attraction and SHARE that. Keep asking for more and SHARE THAT! To grow means to evolve. I see it happening all around me. And I am blessed. The customers/client will find me. The learning and practice groups will be easy to find. That's just the way it works. With patience. 💚