If You Only Ask... It Is Given.

With life, in general, there is going to be up-front, mind-blowing beauty...

AND there is going to be nerve-wracking, self-doubt situations that turn into blessings. 

Either way, if you are looking for them, they will be found and the blessings will FAR out weigh the tragedies. 

May, 2011 I opened a holistic health centre and loved the social aspect with so many lovely people. But, it was a LOT if work, there was no profit in it and many other areas of my life suffered. I didn't even realize how much of my life was taking a back seat until I decided that the work level and lack of profit was at too much of an unbalance to continue. 

It's quite the shock to the system to have something that ran a majority of your life to just come to a screeching hault. There were lots of unanswered questions (because those come with time and no urgency) and maybe a couple panic attacks. 

Beauty is everywhere. When one door closes, another opens. If you only ask.. It is given. 


  1. Thanks for this beautiful post! It is an excellent reminder to slow down, breathe, and then from this stillness will come the answers we need to move forward in a more meaningful way for ourselves. :) I needed this reminder!

  2. Thank you for reading! AND your comment :-)


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