Setting my Intention

It occurred to me today that, although I have set an intention with my work, maybe I could elaborate on that intention.

On my business cards and somewhere on my website I state, "promoting present moment awareness through yoga, meditation, holistic products, energywork, orgaization and nature" but my personal intention is to do these things and use these products with my True Self (spirit/higher self etc) in charge. The 'thing' that is present any time I am meditating or being mindful or taking a walk in a forest. 

My intention is that everyone that makes use of my business feel that peace or that 'heaven on earth' feeling, if only for part of a yoga class or while organizing and de-cluttering your home or even just standing back and looking at the finished product of the organizing. 

Do you want more joy and peace in your life? You need to go after it, not wait for it.   Maybe make a list of what makes you feel joyful or more peaceful. DO THOSE THINGS. That is the nature of my business. These things I do and sell bring ME joy and peace. Do I want MORE joy and peace? Of course! What do I need to do..? MORE yoga, meditation, blogging, organizing, use natural products and .... SHARE all those things with YOU!

Be blessed. Because it's a choice.


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