Monday, October 21, 2013

Simplifying Meditation with Patchoulimoon

People ask me a lot....
1- how do you meditate?
2- do you have classes? 

I think they don't believe me or maybe they think it's got to be more difficult than it sounds. It's not. It's being still. It's focusing on the present moment. But, your mind is like a muscle... you build it up gradually. 

Then, there is the class challenges. People find it very hard to commit. And without commitment they won't do it. Another challenge is that my family needs me right now. I have a young child and a husband who works long hours. I have a family first moto.

Decide, what do you want?  Do you WANT spiritual growth?  Do you WANT inner peace and a sense of calm? And then, there's the biggest question of all.... are you READY???  If you are ready, keep reading.

In this online age, I thought why not make my simple meditations available ONLINE??

My very first meditation is called, Beautiful Words Meditation. I simply repeat beautiful words for a few minutes and pause for you to think of your own beautiful words or just enjoy the stillness. The trick is to DO IT on a regular basis. If you don't make it a regular part of your life it won't become part of your life. It is really that simple. 

Find out how simple meditation can be and feel free to let me know how you are doing.  Find my creations here:

Be Blessed ~ Patchoulimoon-Kim.


  1. Thank you for sharing! I always thought mediation would be hard and was looking at books for "how to" and I was letting myself get worked up over if I wanted this or not. Doing meditation for the first time being guided made me realize I was over thinking it and it's really about the simplicity of just being still and calming your mind from the daily grind. I look forward to using this meditation : )

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  3. Hey, i get huge anxiety during and after meditation, sometimes feel like i have way too energy i can't control, i start over-doing things and my emotional body gets messed up, and i end up feeling frustrated and depressed like f***,also in days i don't meditate i feel extremly tired like if i was lying on an abyss, i have to get some rest to get out of it. I feel i'm outta control, and obviously i'm doing something wrong, If someone can help me i'd appreciatte it, thanks :) one big hug..
    Meditation on Inner Light and Sound

  4. Hi,I enjoyed this post. Meditation is great. It helps me very much. The teaching of meditation is great karma. Through our practice we may gain insight and discipline the mind which if untrained is very wild. It is the best way to feel true peace in our lives.Thank you!!!
    sant kirpal singh