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2013 Fat Ass Trail Run

This is my 3rd time running the Fat Ass ,  my 6th race and 1st time to be injured. All of which I am proud of! The FA is, if you are not familiar, a 7.5-25k race, up and down the sides/back of our local ski hill. I have chosen 7.5k for all 3 races. I have run a 1/2 marathon in the past and I feel that the 7.5 is compare able. What it doesn't have in distance it makes up for in hills and rough Terrane.  About 3k into this race I slipped and rolled my ankle. Normally a minimalist shoe person I chose running shoes this time. Between rocks and slippery leaves, not to mention not a fan of having wet feet, I thought they would help. Can't help wondering now if it would have happened at all in no-sole footwear. Maybe I will try the course, before the race, next year in minimalist footwear. We'll see.  Here's some shots of the injury.. Evening of the race and then day after.    This is a photo of the 3rd day.  The 4th day was even worse. Speaking of