2013 Fat Ass Trail Run

This is my 3rd time running the Fat Ass,  my 6th race and 1st time to be injured. All of which I am proud of!

The FA is, if you are not familiar, a 7.5-25k race, up and down the sides/back of our local ski hill. I have chosen 7.5k for all 3 races. I have run a 1/2 marathon in the past and I feel that the 7.5 is compare able. What it doesn't have in distance it makes up for in hills and rough Terrane. 

About 3k into this race I slipped and rolled my ankle. Normally a minimalist shoe person I chose running shoes this time. Between rocks and slippery leaves, not to mention not a fan of having wet feet, I thought they would help. Can't help wondering now if it would have happened at all in no-sole footwear. Maybe I will try the course, before the race, next year in minimalist footwear. We'll see. 

Here's some shots of the injury..

Evening of the race and then day after.
 This is a photo of the 3rd day.  The 4th day was even worse.

Speaking of next year.. my husband wants to try it next year as well! Although, he wants to do 10k so we'll see. I will just be happy to finally have someone to run WITH as all 6 races I've been on my own. 

And finally, resting my ankle 4 days later


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