Open Minds = Open Hearts

My family is different than most in my area. Really different. Every year, starting in November we see photos on Facebook like this....

Well, that's neither an open-minded statement nor is it a loving statement. 

Here's another one that is super insulting... 

Why must people post these??? Should we not be spreading LOVE?  If your child were told in school that he/she were WRONG because they weren't like everyone else it would be called bullying. Aren't we all against that??

I am totally NOT saying don't celebrate your way, I'm NOT saying don't say Merry Christmas to your family and Christian friends. I'm saying look beyond your own back yard. Those who look the same as you as well as those who do NOT look the same as you just might be different. If you are publicly snubbing those who are different what is that telling others about you? What is that telling your children about you? What is it telling those who are different? Maybe that it's NOT okay to be different? 

A few years ago I blogged about what we celebrate and I actually had people, who claim to be Christian, tell me that they were saying it to me whether I liked or not. Some went further to bash us for taking paid Christian holidays... with no recognition for the holidays we miss for our own religious beliefs and without asking anything about us, just assuming (incorrectly). Pretty hurtful. 

Not my fav photo but an eye-opener for some...

Did you read the small print? I like this next photo best...

And with the above photo I add "LOVE is the reason for this and all the other seasons!" 

And here a fav of mine, sent to me by a friend who is a loving accepter of differences... 

Open minds mean open hearts. Let spread the love and give our children the best gift of all.. the gift of tolerance and acceptance, shown by example. 

It's all about INTENTION. People need to ask themselves what is the meaning by saying it...? 

Are they telling people to celebrate as they do? Or are they actually wishing others joy in their hearts this season??

Blessed be one and all this Wonderful Wintery Season. Xo ~Kim


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