A start to 2014 (part 2)

In my last post I was feeling like I was treading water in the decisions of my 2014 goals. 

A couple hours later I'm feeling a little better, more organized and less overwhelmed at least. 

I broke my life up into categories:  
Business (PH)
Artistic self

Next, what my goals are for 2014 in each category. 

The hardest part are my business goals. I've scaled back so much in 2013 that it's somewhat disheartening to think about. However, knowing that the other areas of my life took a backseat for years I just have to let go of my former ambitions. 

The most joyful of the categories to think about is family. I am very proud of the energy I have put into family after cutting back on business goals. I get to attend school trips now and help with homework. Such a blessing.

Another blessing is finding my artistic self. I used to scrapbook, years ago, before our daughter was born. After scaling back my business I started scrapbooking again, which was nice but the recent art journaling I began is a new passion. 

I found that resolutions seem to set a person up for failure but goals set a map for success. I hope that anyone who reads this feels more organized and prepared for the year ahead. A year full of love and passion. 


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