Today's Food Adventure

I hate to cook.  Now, I CAN cook, I just REALLY dislike it usually.  Blending.... now that's different!  I thought I would share my creations for today.  

Let me start first by showing you one of the new fruit I bought yesterday, it is called persimmon (shown above).  It looks like a tomato but tastes more like a thick-skinned peach. We were going to use it in today's smoothies but we liked it so much that my 6 year old and I couldn't save it and ate all I bought right away. I think we'll have to buy lots more next time!

Here is a link for some persimmon facts:

Today's smoothie... spinach, dragon fruit, apple, aloe vera, blue & blackberries, banana, hemp hearts, ground raw pumpkin seeds and steam distilled water.

Another new fruit we tried today was star fruit.  A little tart (should be bright yellow but my daughter (again) couldn't wait) 

For lunch I made some raw pumpkin seed butter (2 C raw pumpkin seeds and 1/2 C coconut oil) on multigrain bread. Tomorrow I'm going to try banana pancakes with just 1 banana, 2 eggs and maybe some ground seeds. Such as, flax or pumpkin.

It's very encouraging to see my 6 year old drinking and eating so many fruits and vegetables! How many parents can say that?? :-D


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