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Brene Brown/Oprah e-Course Week #2

I'm doing a Brene Brown/Oprah e-course and love it!! The book is called, "The Gifts of Imperfection". Here's part of today's message:  "Being perfect is about trying to get approval and acceptance. It's about trying to avoid the hurt of being hurt & judged. People try to be perfect because they think it might make them more lovable. But really, being perfect doesn't protect you from being judged, it protects you from being SEEN. The only way to be TRULY loved is to be open and to be seen for who you are - in all your glorious imperfection."  Really makes me think of how I 'hide' my own imperfections. I used to post on Social Media, whatever I was thinking. Doesn't everybody...?  Ummmm..... no, they don't. Apparently, SOME people don't ever have bad days and allow others to walk all over them, because when I would post about MY feelings I was jumped all over and when I held to my boundaries and didn't allow my