Baking Soda, Part Two

I had heard of using baking soda to cure cancer and that using it as toothpaste changes the inside of your mouth to a more optimal PH but after writing my last blog post I found this link, which makes baking soda a super food, in my book. 

In a time where just about everything CAUSES cancer to find something that is so ANTI-CANCER.... I think I just found my lifetime staple for body and home care!! And the longer I think about what I read in the link (below) the more uses I find. Toxic cleaning products cause throat and lung cancer (my mom died of a cancerous tumor in her throat-- she was a cleaner) so I will be sure to add baking soda to the homemade spray cleaners I make. Maybe baking soda in the air would make the air more alkalized and therefore healthier...? Something to think about, anyway. :-)

Please read the link and comment below. Also, please share to as many people as you can, this information just may save lives. 


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