A business I started in 2002, which had grown in leaps and bounds since then, had a major change in the Summer of 2013. I downsized. Big time. I closed the doors to my beloved centre and didn't have a plan. I had no ideas. 

The first few months were okay as I continued to teach yoga in local parks and sell holistic products but then came the cold and everything came to a screeching hault. It was awful. I was not at peace with it. 

But, then I started reading a new book, which helped. The book is called, "The Greatness Guide"and one of the things I read that helped me to feel better about my business situation was, " ...just keep innovating. Innovate at work. Innovate at home. Innovate in your relationships. Innovate in the way you run your life. Innovate in terms of the way you see the world. To become stagnant is to begin to die. Growth, evolution and reinvention sustain life." 

I still had no ideas but then I read an affirmation that turned everything around ..."when you are at peace inside your situation outside will change". I started meditating and the answers came. Little things like 'get the heat fixed in the trailer, so your work season lasts longer' and I saw an ad on Facebook for a life coaching class, which I bought and was inspirational. 

Once again, my business has evolved and been reinvented. A renewed sense of purpose is always a blessing. 💚


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