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2015 is nearly apon us! Here are my plans for the new year... 1- inspire more people to go vegan (and whatever else I can do) 2- minimize 'stuff' to create a peaceful sanctuary 3- be more mindful of what comes into our home and what I eat 4- more loving (unplugged) family time 5- pay off a credit card and start on the next  6- have more quality family time It's always great to share to ensure accountability! How about you?? 

Bliss Seeker

I have a great passion for eBooks. Specifically kindle books on my tablet. Lately, I've been reading and finishing 1-2 books a day. Books on minimalism, tiny homes, yoga, meditation, and the list continues to grow.  One of my favourites is called, "Miss Minimalist: Inspiration to downsize, declutter, and simplify". Not only did I find it helpful and inspirational to downsize, declutter and simplify but it changed my outlook on something pretty huge. Let me tell you a story..... I was walking with a friend on a waterfront trail and we stopped to talk to a couple of women. We found out these women were teachers, as was (still is) the friend I was with. We were all talking and smiling. When one of them asked what I did I said, "I work at SuperPet" and the body launguage instantly changed. Both women nodded, stopped smiling and turned away from me, still facing my friend. Another women joined us, friends with the other two and they talked about how they were all tea

Big Future Life Decision To Be Tiny

Recently my husband and I came across a documentary on the Tiny Home movement. We are now hooked.  If you are not familiar, it's homes that are small. Real small. Like, usually under 300 SF small. Many are on wheels. So, it's like a combination between a cottage and camper. And it's the ones on wheels that we are interested in. No permits to buy and the only rules to follow are road rules for towing. Working lights on the back, under the required towing weight rated for your vehicle and under 13.5 feet tall.  We now have a 10-year plan. We have a decade and a bit before our daughter finishes school to purge and use up our excess 'stuff', to enjoy our furry family (2 out of 3 furries and all feathered will be gone in that 10-year span) to focus on our daughter, build a tiny home and find and buy land, while reducing debt to enable us to buy said land.  This is a retirement plan, a minimalist plan, a plan to get back to nature and really figure out what our true passi