Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Detox. It's More Than Just Physical!

#GoRaw day # 114..
When you go raw you expect a detox. But generally people talk about the physical aspects of detox such as flu-like symptoms. Emotional detox isn't expected, really.

But that's what's happening.

Lately my irritability has been building. Unsure for how long but at least a week. The past 2 days I wake up to an alarm of soft music as if it was heavy metal screaming at me. Everything bothers me more than normal. Sounds, people, drivers, too much talking, too much to do, things not working out... I want to scream. Frequently, each day.

I used to have panic attacks daily until I found yoga. It's been a long time since my last one... until today. If you've ever had a full-blown panic attack you know they aren't fun.

I was thinking that it was so strange since I'm fully raw and taking other things to support my liver (spinach, greens powder, tummeric, green tea etc) and yet I'm a nervous wreck and emotional basket case. What the....?? And then it hit me.... when you detox you get worse before better. I messaged a friend who has been raw for way longer than me and she confirmed it. There are more levels than just a physical detox.

What a relief. I am not crazy and it will eventually get better as I heal on all levels... physical and emotional. Whew. I can't wait to be at the end of this tunnel!! 

Moving forward, I will continue to take the liver supporting/cleansing foods/herbs (a toxic liver can cause emotional troubles) because I want to be the best self I can be. I will try to remember to meditate more often, do less and avoid people whenever possible. Shouldn't be too hard in December, right? Wish me luck on that one. ;-)

Friday, September 18, 2015

Universal Nudges

Looking back, I feel like my entire life has been setting me up for the big changes we are about to embark upon within the next 1-2 years. Lately, the nudges have been happening faster and faster. My deep love for animals, connection with all things natural like trees, essential oils, Reiki and Therapeutic Touch and finding veganism. Education in Animal Care, short position at an animal hospital and my husband plays a huge roll in all of this!

Lately, we have been getting nudges like Chris' vegan story going viral and world-wide, cravings to be close to more and more animals, finding our favourite farm sanctuary on Facebook (Home Free Farm), visiting there and the wonderful connection and friendship we made with Carrie. It's almost time. Almost. We just need money and a farm. But, they are coming. I can feel it. The animals need us. They need all of us.

Here is our new web site:

Our new Facebook page: www.facebook.com/GreenerFarmSanctuary

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

ParTEA #1

Originally, this was a very informal live Facebook event (Aug 10, 2015) in hopes to share and educate on Steeped Tea.  I’ve changed it only a little to make it a little better to understand since it’s no longer a live event. Here we go...
I'm hoping that this will be the 1st of many live/online events. This one will be the most informal and (hopefully) the only one where I'm working the bugs out or lose Internet.
Feel free to let me know that you are (or were) here to check things out.
Kimberly Belanger-Mills's photo.

Getting ready with peppy peppermint tea!
Kimberly Belanger-Mills's photo.
Hopefully one of many parTEAs!
I'm planning on having these informal chat - fests about various topics such as Reiki, meditation, benefits of certain teas and more.
Kimberly Belanger-Mills's photo.

While I'm a new consultant for Steeped Tea I've been drinking it (and loving it) for a while. We have a new catalog that I'm excited about and wanted to share. I'll get the link from the other event and post it in the comments, if you want to check it out from your computer (providing you have Internet to check it out right now). If you would like a paper catalog sometime just let me know.http://www.mysteepedtea.com/VEGANKIM/content/catalog.aspx
Kimberly Belanger-Mills's photo.

I have a wish - list a mile long so I'm hoping your comments help in my decision making process! Even let me know what you like. What your preferences are.....or if you want to see a photo of something (now that I can use my phone for photos).
I love the green pop-top shown here. The green is new for this season.
I'll post another photo in the comments. ..
Kimberly Belanger-Mills's photo.

Here's my delimma... I like the clear one, too. To see what you have brewing and how much is left. See how my wish list is so long and undecided? ? LoL

Kimberly Belanger-Mills's photo.

Here's something else that is new and pretty cool... TINS! You can keep tea in them (ST triangles or steeping bags) or even business cards. They come in a set of 3. A must-have!

Has anyone tried matcha tea yet?? I'll try to post some of the benefits photos in the comments.
Kimberly Belanger-Mills's photo.

Kimberly Belanger-Mills's photo.

Kimberly Belanger-Mills's photo.

Kimberly Belanger-Mills's photo.

Matcha for depression?? Check out this link!  http://www.thinkmatcha.com/blogs/depression

Ideas! Anyone have other ideas?
Kimberly Belanger-Mills's photo.

Thanks for checking out the first very informal parTEA! I had a request for an order tonight so I'll post a link here in the comments. http://www.mysteepedtea.com/VEGANKIM/frm_event_my_events.aspx
Please let me know here, PM or email (phdirector@gmail.com) if you have any questions, input, or would like a new catalog.
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Friday, August 7, 2015

Minimalism, For Me.

Minimalism is a very personal thing. It's different for everyone.

For me....

I crave to be shoeless. To feel the support under me.

I crave to use my fingers to eat. To feel the food that nourishes me.

I crave simple fruits and vegetables. To connect with that which gives me life and harms none.

I crave simplicity. A life without chaos.

I crave a clear mind. One with single thoughts with spaces in between them.

I crave positive relationships. Ones without strings or negativity.

I crave silence. The best way to connect with your True Self.

I crave nature. Mother Nature, which we are all connected.

I crave minimalism. A life of balance.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Tea and Weight Loss!

Of course, there is controversy. Does something IN the tea cause weight loss or is it replacement of food with tea..? 

I can't say for sure but I CAN tell you that since becoming a Steeped Tea Independent Consultant I HAVE lost weight. I didn't tie them together, at first, but noticed my rings fit better and my toe ring was always coming loose. I also didn't have the same swelling in my fingers at night. A few days later I weighed myself and noticed I was a few pounds lighter. Just yesterday, a friend said I looked great with all the weight I lost. She hadn't seen me in a couple months so I was surprised, since I didn't see it, myself. 

I certainly didn't purposely cut out junk but I guess I have been having tea at night in place of snacks. Steeped Tea is so tastey that it FEELS like I'm having sweets but there's no added sugars or chemicals so definitely a win win!

Whatever the reason I don't much care... but I'm not going to stop drinking my tea! ;-)

Hope you are all having a blessed Summer!




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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Exciting Business Updates!!

Good morning everyone!

Lots has been happening here.. BIG things and I am bursting at the seams!!

First, we sold the 29 foot business trailer I was using for the past 2 years and we found a little 14 foot camping trailer. (Some may remember that I had a brick and mortar location for 2.5 years, but after closing it, moved it all to the big trailer).

Above: 29 foot camping trailer used strictly for business for 2 years. 

Above: Before photos of the outside of the new 1979 14 foot trailer

Above: Before photos of the inside of the 14 foot trailer

There will be more posts as the work of gutting the trailer is happening and then again for the big reveal (after a grand-reopening, of course).

The next exciting news is that I am now an Independent Consultant for Steeped Tea!! 

Steeped Tea has TONS of options in tea (and much more). Tea that is pesticide-free, non-GMO and free from added sugars. Always find my web link right on my main website www.VeganKim.com OR here's the ST link www.mysteepedtea.com/VeganKim

Last, but not least, a business decision. I am thinking that when the trailer is renovated for my needs I want to offer Reiki again. Not just sessions, like I did in the past but also classes. An introductory workshop and all the levels of Reiki. (I'm a Reiki Master for those who didn't know) Feeling amazingly grounded and positive as I type those words leads me to believe that I time is right for that big step. 

So, those are my exiting announcements. I feel like everything is finally falling into place and I can focus on all the Things that bring me joy, which is an amazing feeling. 

Please let me know if you are interested in learning more about anything I've talked about today, via Facebook or email.


Monday, May 4, 2015

Today's Lesson

Let me tell you a story... 

There once was a girl who used gmail. They told her she was nearly at her 15G limit (gmail, Google+, Drive etc combined) and would soon have to pay for the service. So, she did what anyone would do... checked her apps and dumped a whole wack of backup photos. 

The next day... To her horror.... She found out... 

That every photo for Google+, her website and blog were GONE! Poof. 

She then had the choice of spending hours and hours and days and probably weeks replacing photos OR she could replace the few most recent and leave the rest. 

Sorry for the photo-less pages everyone. I'll try to replace more soon. Moral of the story-- copy them and do the ebook you always meant to do to save the years of writing and memories. ;-)

And here's a shiny new photo to decorate the currently sparse blog. :-D

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Published to Amazon Kindle!

I'm so excited to announce that you can now find and purchase my book on Amazon Kindle!

After a year of writing, I released my book "Prenatal Yoga: For Body, Mind and Spirit" for those who were taking my Prenatal Yoga classes but wanted to do the class more than once a week. I taught yoga for about 7 years before the market was saturated with yoga instructors and fitness instructors teaching yoga so I decided to retire from teaching yoga. But that wasn't the end of my book! I few slight updates and some research and I published it to Amazon Kindle. Now, my Prenatal Yoga class can be enjoyed world-wide. 

In the works are my next 2 books, likely called "Managing Stress and Anxiety: The Holistic Way" and "Mom and Baby Yoga: For Body, Mind and Spirit". 

You will find the link to my current book (on Amazon.ca) on my website www.VeganKim.com or search the title within the Amazon for your country. While set at $2.99 for the regular US price, other countries will vary. 

Always, I am humbled and grateful for your support. 
Blessings, Kim. 

Friday, January 23, 2015


According to Katy Bowman (a movement expert/educator), as well as many other experts, being as shoe-less as possible is the healthiest way to go. After a few years of no or minimalist shoes I agree wholeheartedly!

Min this day and age we need protection for our feet, however. The method below is in the plans for my family's footwear. Happy shoe-making!!