Published to Amazon Kindle!

I'm so excited to announce that you can now find and purchase my book on Amazon Kindle!

After a year of writing, I released my book "Prenatal Yoga: For Body, Mind and Spirit" for those who were taking my Prenatal Yoga classes but wanted to do the class more than once a week. I taught yoga for about 7 years before the market was saturated with yoga instructors and fitness instructors teaching yoga so I decided to retire from teaching yoga. But that wasn't the end of my book! I few slight updates and some research and I published it to Amazon Kindle. Now, my Prenatal Yoga class can be enjoyed world-wide. 

In the works are my next 2 books, likely called "Managing Stress and Anxiety: The Holistic Way" and "Mom and Baby Yoga: For Body, Mind and Spirit". 

You will find the link to my current book (on on my website or search the title within the Amazon for your country. While set at $2.99 for the regular US price, other countries will vary. 

Always, I am humbled and grateful for your support. 
Blessings, Kim. 


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