Tea and Weight Loss!

Of course, there is controversy. Does something IN the tea cause weight loss or is it replacement of food with tea..? 

I can't say for sure but I CAN tell you that since becoming a Steeped Tea Independent Consultant I HAVE lost weight. I didn't tie them together, at first, but noticed my rings fit better and my toe ring was always coming loose. I also didn't have the same swelling in my fingers at night. A few days later I weighed myself and noticed I was a few pounds lighter. Just yesterday, a friend said I looked great with all the weight I lost. She hadn't seen me in a couple months so I was surprised, since I didn't see it, myself. 

I certainly didn't purposely cut out junk but I guess I have been having tea at night in place of snacks. Steeped Tea is so tastey that it FEELS like I'm having sweets but there's no added sugars or chemicals so definitely a win win!

Whatever the reason I don't much care... but I'm not going to stop drinking my tea! ;-)

Hope you are all having a blessed Summer!




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Posted via Blogaway


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