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ParTEA #1

Originally, this was a very informal live Facebook event (Aug 10, 2015) in hopes to share and educate on Steeped Tea.  I’ve changed it only a little to make it a little better to understand since it’s no longer a live event. Here we go... I'm hoping that this will be the 1st of many live/online events. This one will be the most informal and (hopefully) the only one where I'm working the bugs out or lose Internet. Feel free to let me know that you are (or were) here to check things out. Getting ready with peppy peppermint tea! Hopefully one of many parTEAs! I'm planning on having these informal chat - fests about various topics such as Reiki, meditation, benefits of certain teas and more. While I'm a new consultant for Steeped Tea I've been drinking it (and loving it) for a while. We have a new catalog that I'm excited about and wanted to share. I'll get the link from the other event and post it in the comments, if you want to check it

Minimalism, For Me.

Minimalism is a very personal thing. It's different for everyone. For me.... I crave to be shoeless. To feel the support under me. I crave to use my fingers to eat. To feel the food that nourishes me. I crave simple fruits and vegetables. To connect with that which gives me life and harms none . I crave simplicity. A life without chaos. I crave a clear mind. One with single thoughts with spaces in between them. I crave positive relationships. Ones without strings or negativity. I crave silence. The best way to connect with your True Self. I crave nature. Mother Nature, which we are all connected. I crave minimalism. A life of balance.