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Universal Nudges

Looking back, I feel like my entire life has been setting me up for the big changes we are about to embark upon within the next 1-2 years. Lately, the nudges have been happening faster and faster. My deep love for animals, connection with all things natural like trees, essential oils, Reiki and Therapeutic Touch and finding veganism. Education in Animal Care, short position at an animal hospital and my husband plays a huge roll in all of this! Lately, we have been getting nudges like Chris' vegan story going viral and world-wide, cravings to be close to more and more animals, finding our favourite farm sanctuary on Facebook (Home Free Farm), visiting there and the wonderful connection and friendship we made with Carrie. It's almost time. Almost. We just need money and a farm. But, they are coming. I can feel it. The animals need us. They need all of us. Here is our new web site: Our new Facebook page: www.faceboo