BE The Joy You Want In The World

#LeadByExample and #AspireToInspire are two of my favourite hashtags. They also really follow the Law of Attraction theory as well.  If you want people to repect you then you have to respect yourself. Model that to others. Of course, that doesn't mean people will like you, as a matter of fact, anyone who is used to disrepecting you will resent you for the change. Any change. People who admire you wil often be jealous of you, even for respecting yourself enough to not accept less from others. But still, lead by example and those who are in your life (or stay in your life after the change), those who matter, will be respectful of you.

If you want your partner to pay attention to you then first pay attention to yourself with self-love and then to him/her.  Model that. Self-love and giving love and that's what you will attract.

If you want your kids to have a tidy room, with bed made, then have a tidy, clutter-free house with YOUR bed made and a clean vehicle.  Focus on YOU. Lead by example and inspire others.

If you want a loving, cruelty-free world then be a loving vegan who is joyful. If you are a negative, screaming, flesh-eaters are all evil type vegan then that's what will be in the world.  What you focus on expands.  We are all one, so start with YOU. Lead by example. Be an example of a truly loving life an aspire to inspire for a world filled with joyful, loving people.


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