Minimalism To Me

If one were to see my home he or she might not guess that I'm a minimalist, by most's standards.  But, I see myself that way.  Minimalism isn't someone else's view it's your own. 

I have a minimalist mindset about different aspects of minimalism. Such as, my rule of one in one or more out. But, not just posessions, also, effort. If it's not pretty cut and dry I don't bother. I know it's not right for me or not the right time. Even with my thoughts I have a minimalistic goal. I try to make time to meditate, daily.  I think it all starts with a cluttered mind.  I believe that is why we go looking for minimalism in the first place.

And then there is diet. Diet is HUGE to me. I don't cook or generally eat cooked food.  I am vegan but even for a vegan person it doesn't mean a minimalistic diet. I eat mostly fruit and it is definitely a minimalistic way to live. For me, anyway.  Some go all out with a dehydrator and with elaborate recipes. Not me. That's where that effort thing comes into play. I don't want a ton of dishes, I don't want to deal with a ton of ingredients and I sure as hell don't want to have to measure anything. Too. Much. Effort.

And then there are all the benefits of eating a fruit based diet... I never feel an overwhelming urge to brush my teeth. I do brush, of course, but I don't get that furry teeth/tongue feeling or worry about any strange smells. Fruit is sweet. Less effort required.

And speaking of smells... less or no deordorant is needed and then there's the hair washing.  Apparently, it is common for fruitarians to not use shampoo becuase we don't consume oil or much fat so our hair doesn't get as greasy. It's true! I wash my hair less and less often. It was once a week for about a year, it made the eczema I get flair up anyway, but since cutting out more and more things besides fruit the eczema is going away and I think it's been two weeks now since I washed my hair. 

So, now I have less moisurizers to buy, less shampoo to buy, no conditioner needed and less toothpaste since I am totally fine with just water. Less and less effort as time goes on but more energy, it's amazing!! 

Speaking of amazing... my mood has improved.  I get upset and angry way less. So, less effort is needed, once again, in controling or supressing or feeling guilty. 

And what do I do with all my time with this new found energy, good mood and less effort needed?  I spend it meditating, doing yoga and looking after our family, including all the animal family from our sanctuary.  Life is about taking care of what and who you love and minimizing the rest of it, after all. 


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