Yoga Is Art

Yoga is a creativity. It's personal. To have others ask you to change it or criticize is unthinkable. When you see a sculpture you could say..."wow, I know that the piece came from your soul but you should have done it differently." OR you could say, "Wow, your soul shines through that piece."

When people ask me why I no longer teach yoga, that is why. My yoga style is moving meditation. Focusing on breath and spirit.  It COMES FROM my soul.  It's my soul guiding me.  Most of the time my eyes were closed or partially, while I taught.

No, the area in which I live and used to teach isn't very meditation-friendly, or yoga or holistic health for that matter, or spiritual. OR, maybe it's that I haven't found those people. OR, who knows, maybe it's that people don't really get me or my style. Who knows. :-)


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