Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Projects: October 16-22, 2017 and Updates

Photo of a similar wall hanging
I'm working on for Fall.
Wednesday (in my Pine Ridge sewing class) I worked on my witch appliquè and quilt hanging. It's coming along nicely! Soon I'll have one for Fall along with my Winter hanging and some day hope to have one for Spring/Summer as well. I was hoping to be finished with it next week but, considering the vendor shop prep, it will be a while yet.
Photo of the ACTUAL wall hanging I'm working on. 
It will be appliqued and quilted when complete.

Below are 2 amazing finds from our local charity shop.  I found a vintage Scooby Doo sheet!!  Which just screamed skirt, to me.  Maybe even a matching hankie and bag. ;-)  

The photo next to it is a quilt but not any quilt... I could tell by the binding that it wasn't a mass manufactured quilt as the binding was hand stitched.  Imagine my excitement in finding it for only **$10**!!!  But then I took it to my favourite sewing store and it was confirmed.  This gorgeous gem was HAND STITCHED!!!!  :-D  I had to keep myself from squealing, let me tell you!  Hehe..

A lot of work went into vendor show prep this week.  Here's a sample of products, including my book.  The vendor show is this Saturday, October 28th 9:30-3:30, 75 Paul St, Belleville.   

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Friday, October 13, 2017

Projects: October 9-15, 2017

Skirt, bandana and hankie

This week I decided to make accessories to go with my newest skirt. A bandana and hankie! A girl can't be too coordinated, right?? ;-)

Winchester sporting his new bandana, matching mommy! 

Hankies/Reusable gift wrap

I will have more of these hankies for sale at the vendor show this month.
*Details for the show will be at the bottom of this post.

I will have at least 3 rope bowls for sale at the show.  Here is the largest one but there will be smaller as well.  This is a 'Healing Light and Wellness' show so handcrafted items will be limited unless it relates.

Rope bowl

This applique/quilt piece is super adorable. It's actually part of a table runner pattern but I only have a 12x12" space so will only make this section and maybe even embroider added saying, "welcome Fall- season of the witch".

Hope to see some of you at the next show!

Healing Light and Wellness Show, Belleville.


Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Projects: Sept 2 - 8 , 2017

Worn quilt
I started a new project today. A quilt I haven't been able to use in 15+ years due to wear/age. It's a about 30 yrs old and was on my bed most of my high school years.

I saw a YouTube video mentioning "borrowed squares" where you just put a square in the spot and stitch around it. No folding etc. Easy peasy. It's gotta be better than not using it, right? Her's was only 10 years old and already showing quite a bit of wear so I feel definitely encouraged for my wee beauty!

I've started the 'borrowing' squares here

Further research has given me ideas like a bigger square for the centre (the most damaged part), some embroidery or maybe some appliquè..

anything to strengthen it. I cant wait!

I finished my poinsettia appliquè square. It's been a delightful project!! It was the thing that started me  thinking about my old quilt. A blessing for sure.

Poinsettia Applique Quilt Square
This project has been a series of firsts, for me... first time for quilting, first time for binding, mitred corners and also even for the hanging method on the back.

I love my classes at Pine Ridge Knit and Sew!! It's a great place if you want to renew your creative self.

The very first project for this week was altering my 1st skirt. After wearing it a couple times I realized it wasn't the same length all the way around. I ripped out the hem (a very meditative job!) and restitched it. It still isn't perfect but perfection is never my goal.

1st skirt and matching purse

The next project was a 3rd skirt!

3rd skirt ever... and 1st in Halloween/Samhain fabric!
Close up of the fabric

The final project, this week, was a start on a rope bowl.  I do a yearly vendor show in October so this one will be for sale.  Earthy colours for Fall but also something able to move from room to room.  They are super nice to hold meditation beads or even sunglasses! 

The Healing Light and Wellness show is October 28th at the Foster Ward Community Centre, in Belleville, Ontario. 9:30-3:30. Stop by and say hi!

Friday, September 29, 2017

Projects: Friday, Sept 25 - Oct 1, 2017.

Sewing isn't a hobby that you can just spend five minutes on and be done.  For one thing, I don't want to just tackle one project and that's it. Doesn't it make more sense to complete projects that take the same colour thread?  I needed black for a skirt I hoped to stitch up but there was white in my machine.  I also had a new dish towel waiting to be hung up so I used the white to stitch a ribbon look on to my towel and that completed two tasks.... using the white thread to make the loop and tidying up my kitchen. HA!

Hanging loop
So, I threaded the black into my machine and was then able to complete a repair project of stitching up a turtle neck that had a hole in the arm pit.  Another task done AND now my Monday outfit was nearly complete... that black turtle neck with some black tights and..... I needed to make my skirt!  

I found the cutest fabric at Value Village.  I found a bright pink bright pink Disney fitted sheet with black flowers and Minnie Mouse head and ears.  I wasn't sure what I would do with it but I had to have it for less than $10!!

Skirt upcycle from a fitted Disney sheet! 

I had hoped to get some book/journal covers done for the upcoming vendor show, in October, but home-making/managing duties too over. Great day, overall.  I did all this while being inspired with Mickey Mouse and The Wizard of Oz movies playing in the background, so I can't complain. Haha! #blissfullife #feelthemagic

Thursday, September 28, 2017

A Big Shift

You ever have a shift in life where things change? Good or bad, just a big shift. I've been going through that for the past year or so. 

I felt like life was on hold for about 4 years, after closing my holistic health centre. But then I started sewing classes and things changed.  I started seeing people on a regular basis. I started learning.

It might have taken me a bit longer than some to figure things out but recently things have been 'clicking' and falling into place. I've done repairs, alterations, upcycles, book covers and today is my first skirt from scratch, which matches the upcycled purse I made yesterday.

My first ever handmade skirt and matching purse
...on a very hot day!
New skirt on a cool day, ready to hit the town.
... to an upcycled purse!
From a Value Village pair of jeans....

Book cover with bookmark

I'll be doing book covers for journals to sell at an upcoming vendor show. Who knows what else... we shall see what inspires!

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

A New Hideout (from distraction)

This week a new place opened in the town where I live. A new cafè! Our little town lacks the cuteness of other little towns. Maybe this new place will change things.

My cozy spot... for 3 hours!

The Artizen Cafè is super cute inside and I'm able to get raw vegan options! (Friendly people too! Who answered my million questions over the three hours I was there and then posed for my picture taking. Haha) SUCH a nice change since I've lost my ability to go out for a quick drink or snack since going vegan, let alone raw. Even in bigger towns, let alone five minutes from my home!

I have plans for this place. Meeting friends, dates with my husband, quick treat stops with my wee girl, and a work spot as well. Actually, my plan is working already as I've made two blogs posts while here!! Yay me! ;-)

Lovely little gift shop area

Shawna and Lisa