A Big Shift

You ever have a shift in life where things change? Good or bad, just a big shift. I've been going through that for the past year or so. 

I felt like life was on hold for about 4 years, after closing my holistic health centre. But then I started sewing classes and things changed.  I started seeing people on a regular basis. I started learning.

It might have taken me a bit longer than some to figure things out but recently things have been 'clicking' and falling into place. I've done repairs, alterations, upcycles, book covers and today is my first skirt from scratch, which matches the upcycled purse I made yesterday.

My first ever handmade skirt and matching purse
...on a very hot day!
New skirt on a cool day, ready to hit the town.
... to an upcycled purse!
From a Value Village pair of jeans....

Book cover with bookmark

I'll be doing book covers for journals to sell at an upcoming vendor show. Who knows what else... we shall see what inspires!


  1. Changes are the only constant in life. That is a universal truth. That said, the skirt is really nice. You did a good job with it.

    1. Thank you! Hmmm... I'm glad you replied to this one. I didn't remember I even wrote this one. And I like it! xx


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