A New Hideout (from distraction)

This week a new place opened in the town where I live. A new cafè! Our little town lacks the cuteness of other little towns. Maybe this new place will change things.

My cozy spot... for 3 hours!

The Artizen Cafè is super cute inside and I'm able to get raw vegan options! (Friendly people too! Who answered my million questions over the three hours I was there and then posed for my picture taking. Haha) SUCH a nice change since I've lost my ability to go out for a quick drink or snack since going vegan, let alone raw. Even in bigger towns, let alone five minutes from my home!

I have plans for this place. Meeting friends, dates with my husband, quick treat stops with my wee girl, and a work spot as well. Actually, my plan is working already as I've made two blogs posts while here!! Yay me! ;-)

Lovely little gift shop area

Shawna and Lisa


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