Projects: October 16-22, 2017 and Updates

Photo of a similar wall hanging
I'm working on for Fall.
Wednesday (in my Pine Ridge sewing class) I worked on my witch appliquè and quilt hanging. It's coming along nicely! Soon I'll have one for Fall along with my Winter hanging and some day hope to have one for Spring/Summer as well. I was hoping to be finished with it next week but, considering the vendor shop prep, it will be a while yet.
Photo of the ACTUAL wall hanging I'm working on. 
It will be appliqued and quilted when complete.

Below are 2 amazing finds from our local charity shop.  I found a vintage Scooby Doo sheet!!  Which just screamed skirt, to me.  Maybe even a matching hankie and bag. ;-)  

The photo next to it is a quilt but not any quilt... I could tell by the binding that it wasn't a mass manufactured quilt as the binding was hand stitched.  Imagine my excitement in finding it for only **$10**!!!  But then I took it to my favourite sewing store and it was confirmed.  This gorgeous gem was HAND STITCHED!!!!  :-D  I had to keep myself from squealing, let me tell you!  Hehe..

A lot of work went into vendor show prep this week.  Here's a sample of products, including my book.  The vendor show is this Saturday, October 28th 9:30-3:30, 75 Paul St, Belleville.   

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