A Raw Plant-Based Diet

Food is a hot topic. What fuelled this blog post is frequently hearing that people who are in the food health industry are limiting people's fruit intake. People telling me that I'm eating "too much sugar" when it is fruit I'm eating.  "How many bananas?  Wow, that's a lot of sugar".  Newsflash... fruit is what we were designed to eat!!  I'm not professionally trained on food though and I don't have years of experience (YET) in being fruitarian.  So lets see some great information on the topic!

One great one from VeganFitParenting is HERE.

Another from NutritionFacts.org is HERE. (Thank you Rebecca for the recommend!)

And from plant-powered.com, their common sense diet guide page HERE.

There are two websites that helped me get started on raw

Cronometer (nutrition tracker - also can get in app form) and proteinaholic (helps you gauge what your protein intake should be). Proteinaholic is also a book (kindle / paperback), although I've not yet read it.

Speaking of books... if you want to dive right in and become a fruitarian, that's great and I commend you!! That's my eventual goal. But if slow and steady is more your style or if you would rather just stick with generally raw there are recipe books out there. 

*Note: This page often contains affiliate links meaning I earn a commission if you use those links (and I thank you for your support!). I only recommend brands/products I use and trust. For more information, see my disclosures HERE.

Books like..

 Have a Winter Raw Food  Romance: Raw Vegan Recipes for Cozy Winter Months (which I already have and really like!) by Melissa Raimondi of Raw Food Romance. She also has 2 other books on Amazon, Plant Based Dips n' Dressings: Raw Vegan Gluten Free Dips, Dressings, Condiments & sauces (which will be my next food book to buy) and she has Raw Food Romance - 30 Day Meal Plan - Volume I: 30 Day Meal Plan featuring new recipes by Lissa! .

If you want to start out with a more gourmet style (everyone has to start somewhere after all) there is also the book (I own and feel inspired by) called Rawlicious, which is also a raw plant-based restaurant in Canada. Actually, not only is it a restaurant but it also has a monthly food box that I subscribe to and LOVE.  If you end up ordering from them, please mention that you heard of them through me (Kim Belanger-Mills) and they will give me a treat in my next box!  Don't forget to contact me to let me know how much you love it. 😉

There are also TONS of people you could follow for inspiration and even coaching! 

Lets start with the coaching. I follow a few people and love their individual style....

First, lets start with a fellow Canadian, who I mentioned above. author Melissa (Lissa) Raimondi from Raw Food Romance.  She is such an inspiration!  So bubbly and positive.  She is also a talented photographer so her book photos are beautiful as well as inspirational.

Definitely check out her website for before and after photos and her journey.  She also does very informative YouTube videos that have inspired me.

There are my American follows who coach... Orvel who is a long-time fruitarian and can be found on his public facebook page (which I suggested he start btw, haha 😜 ) He is super busy with his fruit challenges, answering hundreds of questions daily.  I haven't braved the challenge yet but someday I hope to! He's also on Instagram, should you want to follow along.

Also a beautiful couple, Indica and Phillip from fruitmusclefitness.com have a sweet family and it's amazing to see them both on the same healthy path and including their children.  I dream of the day my family becomes fruitarian or even raw and wants to run with me.  Here is their YouTube channel. Check out their YT photo... aren't they the sweetest?? I wish all families were even half as interested in their health.  

My biggest inspiration

My biggest personal inspiration has been Rebecca Rosenberg. What can I say, besides the girl is nothing short of amazing! Her compassion astounds me. I've never seen her get mad at someone, even when being targeted with anger and stupidity or having relationship changes. Always the picture of compassion.

We became facebook friends just before she became a fruitarian. Just before the had major health scare, losing the use of her left side, and was diagnosed with MS. She has been my go-to when I have a raw/fruitarian question and she has always been quick to praise and encourage, even when I fall off the raw wagon. She is curing the incurable with fruit., like a goddess.  Other diseases she is curing or has cured are Hashimoto's Hypothyroidism, Benzo withdrawal, cured lifelong hypoglycemia (pre-diabetes) and more and is medication free! And then there is the weight loss... you have to see the before and after photos...

After her diagnosis she researched healing diets and found out about the raw food benefits.  "Fruitarian was a natural evolution as I went along in my raw journey as I realized that the best healing foods are fruits. I healed so much faster the longer I kept my diet heavily fruit based."

She recommends the 80/10/10 Diet to read (kindle / paperback) and Indica Henderson's raw beginners guide (Indica's information is just above under coaching) and also Anne Osborne's book but after checking out the price ($1400 Canadian?!) I sent her a message on how to get it. 

She sent me the sweetest reply and in the reply said that she  a pdf copy, that she sends out to people at no charge! They just need to email her, which I've done, started and love already. YAY!

Rebecca is the Texas Fruitarian on facebook and also does YouTube videos.  

More Inspiration

Ted Carr was the another HUGE inspiration for me.  He's been raw for over 8 years and has hundreds of YouTube videos.  I watched them obsessively for years. He is Canadian but a world traveller and also an extreme minimalist so a very interesting guy.

Tanny Raw is one more.  On YouTube and more. Her energy is contagious!  I'm sure I could go on and on with this list!

Instagram Inspiration for RAW

ME... patchoulimoonvegankim, naturally!  I post smoothie bowls pretty much daily, with the hashtag #smoothiebowloftheday.

Here's more I follow..


I follow way more than the ones just listed above but if you are new to being interested in raw the above list will get you started. There are also way more coaching and people doing YouTube videos.  Maybe I'll have to edit this eventually, or maybe even in a couple days, who knows.  I just hope that one less person will tell me that fruit sugar is bad and maybe one more person will raise the bar on their health. Please be that person... and spread the word.  Sharing this post would mean the world to me.  Thank you.  #beyourbestself xx


  1. Aw, this is a great post. Outlines part of what brought you to raw, what you admire in others and resources to share the journey. Thank you for including me in this!

    1. People get a bonus when they follow you! :-D xx


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