Slow and Proud

My husband just texted me to ask how my day was going. My reply, "Good. But slow." with a disappointed feeling.

As soon as I hit send I had another thought. Why am I disappointed?? This was exactly the life I intentionally crafted for myself!

I'm sitting here with my dishes done, counters clear, listening to our rescue birds sing brightly, while eating my smoothie bowl and reading the newest edition to Simplify Magazine. This is 100% the life I intended to have 2-3 years ago when I started learning about the benefits of a simpler life.

And in comes the sense of pride.  Calm, peaceful, pride. 


  1. Ohms. This is awesome! I would definitely consider that a big home run!! Way to lie the life you manifested! And when all your counters clean too? Man!! Score!! That sounds so serene and joyful!! Way to go Girl!

    1. Thank you, sweet girl! It was totally my addiction to 'doing' that first had me feeling negative. Old habits die hard eh? xx


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