What Is Your Expertise?

I recently read an article where the author was told to introduce himself as being an expert in whatever he was doing. He was at a conference with others doing the same. It wasn't the point of the article but it got me thinking... my expertise jumped right out at me.

Peace. I'm an expert in peace. Besides having certification in yoga, mediation, reiki and taking courses on various things, such as, essential oils and reflexology I've been studying peace my whole life.

Most of the time spent with my parents there was a lack of peace and most of the time spent outdoors there was total peace (as I write this it's -26C outside, no peace there. Haha) as well as time spent doing reiki, yoga etc. I've spent most of my life trying to achieve peace at the same time adding so much to my plate that I couldn't hang on to peace.

I see it like the mechanic who drives an old beater or the carpeter who's home is never complete. Perfection isn't the goal. The journey is where it's at.

If you aren't sure what your expertise is yet just take a look at your friends. I have a friend I would go to for art advice. Others for sewing advice. My child is an expert in fun.

I have another friend who is an expert in compassion and dysfunction. I'm not saying SHE is dysfunctional (she is the sweetest, most compassionate person I ever met) but her past makes her the perfect person for me to go to when I want to understand why some people behave the way they do and to feel more compassionately towards them. Aren't I blessed to have her as a friend??

Maybe there is something, in your past, you are proud of or maybe there is something you aren't proud of. Either way, you could be an expert in it. You don't have to be perfect or perfect at that one thing. There is no reason to feel guilt or shame, you could help someone feel better about their current situation and there is much pride in that. How great is it to assist someone in living their best life?!

So... what is YOUR expertise??


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