A Meditation Message || March 10/18

I should first start by telling you that I am not new to meditation.  I taught meditation for over 7 years and have been doing it far longer than that.  I also loved it enough get certified in meditation, separate from what I took in my yoga teaching course.

Today, I started out with these mantras, as suggested by Deepak...

I am
So Hum (I am / that)

This is the result of that meditation.  What came to me while in mediation.  I don't think I would consider it to be the voice of God, since we are all God.  These words are just the result of clearing out the unnecessary.

In the order of which they came to me...

We are each a spark of God.  We are God.

Meditation is cleansing.  We are cleansing out what isn't to be more God-like.

Listen.  Our God-ness will tell us.  Tell us what to do.  Where to go.  What to say.  Who to be.

How can we be angry with our neighbour if we know he'she contains the God spark?  That we both do.   Isn't it like being angry with our self?  Maybe we are angry with an idea they have... but we aren't our brain... we are God.  Maybe just take pity that the other person can't see the spark.  That the other person doesn't meditate and cleanse their mind to be able to see their spark.

Meditation is like Spring cleaning.  You are cleaning the corners of your mind to allow your Spirit/True Self/God Spark to shine more brightly.  The brighter the Spark shines the more God-like a person becomes. Let it shine, let it shine.

Eating fruit is cleansing.  Fruit helps a body to shine and connect with the inner Spark.  It connects body, mind and spirit.  Holistic.  Whole-istic. Whole-ism.

Meditation is a muscle to be strengthened. Each time yo try to meditate you make is more possible.  You see clearer.  You are more God-like.  Little by little.

This meditation lasted 40 mins

I feel like I will take this energy and information/inspiration with me throughout the day.  For that I am super grateful.  My hope is that someone will read this and maybe start meditating or even just  not laugh when someone else tells them they meditate.  Maybe encourage stillness in your children.  Recommend meditation to someone else.. your spouse maybe.  Or even just feel a little better about the state of the world.  Knowing someone is meditating somewhere out there.

Be blessed ~ always.  xx

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