Assumptions. I hate them.
This might turn into a bit of a rant (stop reading now if you are not open to it) but I feel it's  necessary for others to see things in a different light and stop doing it if it's something they are currently guilty of.

Kick your assumptions to the curb!! 

The SAHM (stay at home mom) is getting a bad wrap. People are assuming that if that's what another looks like to them that it means they do nothing but wait around for their child(ren) to get home from school before they do anything. This REALLLLLLY ticks me off!!!

Let's use me as an example...

*I actually clean my house.
*Also, I care for a sanctuary of animals  (people seem to forget about the 20+ bodies I care for: feed, brush, clean up after and ... oh ya, spend my attention, energy and time on.)
*Going back to my 1st point.. with 20+ bodies in our home and on our property this means my house is sooooo much harder to keep clean. It means floors daily, amount other things.
*I have interests outside my home and family, like some day maybe making my own money and it takes time to develop these skills.
*Speaking of skills, I like to make my own clothes. I don't buy new clothing, for the most part and I even look for fabric choices to upcycle. This takes time. (And saves us money)
*Then there is spirit time for those who believe they are divinely guided. This needs time to follow.
*And health... I actually take care of mine to the best of my abilities. This also takes time.

My values, in general, take time. Even when I worked full-time I didn't sit around doing nothing when I got home.

I could go on but you get my drift. Just because you label or the person themselves defines themselves as a SAHM it doesn't mean they are lazy, uninteresting, bored, lonely, have the same values and choices you do.

People even assume that I've led a boring life. Nope. I've travelled from Ontario to British Columbia in a car, camping the entire way, with a dog and cat. I've lived in big cities like Ottawa and teeny tiny towns. I've had actual jobs too... from factory work to animal health to administrative.

Speaking of outside the home employment.. just because I say I wish we had more money doesn't mean going out and getting a job is the answer. Or easy for everyone as it might be you. Everything I now do during the day would need to be done on the weekends, taking away my family time completely (can we say divorce?!). And the fact that I would have to travel 25+ km away to work a part-time, minimum wage job means between gas and possibly daycare there would be no money left. And then the animals we chose to have/rescue would get ignored pretty much 24x7. No thanks!!

Please consider stopping with your pigeon-holing, judging, labelling, assumptions or even lumping someone in with you or another SAHM that you know.  It's rather irritating and narrow-minded, really.

End of rant. Thanks to everyone who made it to the end and hugs to anyone feeling the same. 🖤

Be blessed,


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