People Making Assumptions (Part 2)

If you missed 'Assumptions Part 1' HERE it is. One of my biggest issues is people judging me for what I do. No matter what I do, there seems to be judgement. Society is so stuck on what we do for a living, or not. It really doesn't tell if we are a good person or not so who cares??

I may have finally make peace with that..

I had to thank my Higher Power for her guidance last night.

I was obsessing about people judging me for being a SAHM but I know what they think is none of my business.  I can't control their prejudices. I can only control ME. Maybe I'm annoyed with myself for relapsing in JADE (justify, argue, defend, explain). For defending my choices. They are not making me feel anything, that's already in there or I wouldn't be caught up in it.

All I need to say is that yes I stay home but I cannot squeeze one more thing into my life without dropping a priority. Period. No JADE. No engagement in their judgement, prejudices or negativity.

What do I do?? I make intentional life choices. 🖤

Thanks for reading. Do you feel unsettled by judgements? If so, I hope this helps.
Be blessed,
Kim xx

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