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Sorting Out Some Feelings

I went for a walk and sorted out some feelings today. I'm feeling better about the situation, and thought I would share some of the lovely photos of my walk... along with my thoughts. I hope that it might help someone else going through a life change. The journey begins  At first, I was feeling quite down and like a failure at the dreams that I've 'lost', such as: in my childhood I wanted to be a teacher or stay at home and be a homemaker. As an adult I wanted to work in the holistic field. I've done all those and instead of thinking of them as a loss or failure I now think of them as experiences that I wanted and did. I can check them off my list! More like, yay me... look at my accomplishments!! Look at the adventures I've wanted and actually did in my life, so far.  A tiny frog, smaller than my thumb nail.  As a matter of fact, as I look back now, I can't see myself teaching yoga again