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Guest Post! || The Journey to Positive Mental Health Through Self-Care by BRAD KRAUSE

Self-care is a priority in my life so when someone asked to guest-post, on my blog, about that very topic I was thrilled! Brad Krause left the corporate world to help promote the simple notion of self-care through writing and consulting. Find more about Brad on his website . Thanks for reading! Blessings, Kim xx The Journey to Positive Mental Health Through Self-Care Self-care is an important part of wellness, and it includes all aspects of your body and mind. With a holistic approach to self-care, you can tackle recurrent issues with your physical and mental health. Take some important steps to work on self-care by focusing on the following areas of your life. Gratitude and Positivity When was the last time you made yourself feel loved? There are so many ways to love yourself. You can treat yourself to a spa day, buy a new outfit, go on a solo weekend trip or a solo date, do something that you always want to do