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It's All About Style!

One of my closest friends sent me this meme. She says it's the definition of "Kim".  I hate doing what everyone else is doing, blindly. I have to have my own style. I spend my days either doing "my style" or looking for my style.  I don't get people who have to follow the rules or do things because it's expected. Isn't the  point of life to write your own story??  My style is peace, mindfulness, vegan, boho, simplicity, honesty, intuition (vs rules), laughter, freedom....  What's your style?? 

Living in Fear

There was something I was hiding for 3 years of my life. My daughter and I were living in fear.  In 2016 my husband changed. His mother was dying and him not dealing with it well was an understatement.  I made every excuse for him, that I could think of, but gradually it got worse, not better.  It was 3 years of this hell, for me and our daughter, until he stood up, got in his truck and drove away without a discussion of what was happening.  The hell wasn't even ending. It was just taking a different turn. He left on August 23rd, 2019. Our 11th wedding anniversary. This August it will be 2 years since he became the "Runnaway Husband" and the hell never ended. For me, anyway. In a Facebook group,  today,  a woman was saying that people actually told her to "get over it and move on" and another woman replied, "I was with mine from age 17-41. It's like a death. No one in their right mind would tell someone who lost a loved one, "get over