Fall 2022 Life Update

It's been a hot minute since I published a blog. Like about a year, I think. So much has happened in the past year so I thought I'd give an update.

Some might remember a previous update,  and if not, here's a quick one from 3 years ago. My husband left us. Abruptly. As in, stood up from his lawn chair, got in his truck and that was it. Not a word about what was happening. So, I didn't even know what was going on until he came back while we were out and took his camping trailer and a few belongings. It was Aug 23rd, 2019, our 11th wedding anniversary (together 14 yrs and I had known him 17 yrs). We had a child (then nearly 12) and an animal sanctuary. That's when it got REALLY nasty. 

It took 2 years to get the separation agreement done and I was then forced to sell my inherited home and I was forced to uproot my family. It was terrible. But, we are on the mend and enjoying living in town. My daughter has only ever known one home. Same with all the animals. Hense the long pause in blogging. 

While I miss the life I had 7+ years ago, I don't miss the time in between. We were in hell. Now that school is starting things fresh (funny how a new school year does that!) I think it's time to re-set my priorities.

I'd like to thank my extremely supportive friends, who's generosity blows my mind. I tear up as I even think of how I couldn't have gotten through this time without them (along with the 2 therapists). I also am super grateful for my Facebook group (Our Minimalist Lifestyle) members as I used the group as distraction and a place to deposit all my #whitepaintobsession photos. They were always encouraging. 

So, the last year has been all about decluttering/purging, redecorating, organizing, finding new habits, painting everything white, junk journaling, pouring my heart our to friends, working, trying to drum up new work after the shutdowns shut down my business, trying to figure out a new joyful life, helping to give my daughter's best friend a 2nd chance at life and now getting them both ready for a brand new school year.

Hopefully, I can be more consistent in writing this year and find new things to say about #mindfulness, #cleaning, #soloparenting, #celebratingsolo, #simpleliving, #creativeness, #business and more. Welcome, if you're a first time reader and welcome back if you are returning. Either way, I hope you enjoyed the memes. Laughter is always the best medicine! 🤪

Much love,


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