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Injury Update and Thoughts

June 10, 2023 I finally talked to someone at the clinic. They know nothing. The xray would have went to the online Dr but they didn't upload results to the pharmacy/clinic files. He said likely, if it was broken someone would have called right away, but he doesn't know and to call back (again!) Monday. I told him I'm back to work Monday. 🤷‍♀️ So. I guess I'm assuming it was a bad sprain and carrying on with life. 😑🤦‍♀️ I do have some lessons learned or maybe revelations, from this whole experience.. Things aren't always as bad as they look. I would have thought dislocated from the looks of my foot, as did others who saw my blog post about this, with photo included. But after day 3 it got better each day. The medical system sucks. This isn't new to me. There's a reason I don't have a medical doctor but do have a team of holisitc health workers. Nobody called me back about my xrays. At all. Not only that, I called the walk-in cli

Meet Cynergy!

Meet Cynergy! She's a 22x8 ft cargo trailer. Nothing inside but wood I have plans. Big plans. Tiny living. I've been slowly moving to less and less stuff as I transition to one day fitting all my belongings to this space. But some building also has to occur first. By now (June) the insulation is in the ceiling, wood panels over the insulation, the floors have been epoxied and the walls painted white. I started the ceiling Paint, white of course. LoL #whitepaintobsession More needs to be done like a bedframe/platform. I just want something simple to paint white, however, I do want it high enough for storage underneath.  Other things like a window, more insulation and heat (I'm in Canada), and electricity is to come, as money pops up. **shamless plug here.. please consider being a Patreon subscriber** I don't have many photos because it's such a small space.  Here is the Facebook link for the reel introducing and touring Cynergy.

OML Advertising Opportunity to Come

Hello OML friends! (And those planning to join our FB group, Our Minimalist Lifestyle) For years we have fought those wanting to advertise their product and services and clutter up our wall. It's not that some of those businesses were terrible or annoying but we aren't all here to see random ads each day. But, Cindy gave me an idea..  Promoting my members. Give a benefit to being here, besides community, knowledge and ideas. To start, I'm thinking one day per month within a post Cindy (moderator) or I post. It doesn't have to be about minimalism but it does have to have your area served at the very beginning. Area and country, as this is a world-wide group. Oh, and please don't post things gross, like sex services or something. I don't know, just having a thought that I should state the obvious. LoL  Hmmm... maybe I'll also add things like bloggers, vloggers and YouTubers. I'm think the day will be Mondays so we have the week with that post.

Outdoor adventures for "May 2-4"!

 In Canada, Victoria Day weekend we call "May 2-4" weekend. I don't remember ever doing anything special on that weekend but THIS weekend we went camping. Off-grid camping! For 5-ish days!   Not only were there ATV's but 2 events for mudding. Right in front of our camp!! Talk about chaos, noise and mud! Here's our set up at Lingham Lake. Cynergy is her name. See this post HERE for the story on Cynergy. This is Autumn, in case you haven't met her. She's a BeagleX. She's old now but, I think, liked camp life. In the end, the kids all went home the evening before. They couldn't handle more.

Toe Crisis 😱

So. I've got a booboo. And I'm a big baby. Actually, I have PTSD in general but also about medical people, medical places and medical issues. Since I was 11. And then re-traumatized each time I went anywhere medical. This time, I have support! I have a a free emergency counselling numer to call (Wellness Together Canada), a free health number to call (811 in Canada) and a medical support person at a walk-in clinic (which isn't open weekends). Anyway, what happened... I hugged someone and they picked me up ever so slightly, maybe a foot off the ground. I lifted my leg and wacked my toe on a kitchen drawer pull. Wham. Problem. For some, no big deal. A PTSD sufferer... Level 10 crisis. Steps for a PTSD  sufferer... well...  I've now ordered some slides to wear indoors to help protect my feet. Also, people won't be man-handling me. At all. This was my wake up call of how easy things happen. I ordered a medical boot from Amazon  A support team has been carefu